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Watch the Flat 9 Minor Tonality online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Modern Method for Guitar

In this lesson we cover the flat 9 scale. It has an exotic Middle Eastern flavor that makes it a favorite for Gypsy Jazz guitarists.

1. The flat 9 scale is derived from the harmonic minor scale by starting and ending on the 5th step of the scale. In the key of Cm the 5th note is G.

2. For this study we will use the I-V progression in Cm. That is: Cm and G7.

3. The formula for the flat 9 scale is: root, flat 9, 3, 4, 5 flat 6, and 7. In the key of C minor the notes are: G, Ab, B, D, F, G.

4. Play the harmonic minor scale starting and ending on the 5th of the scale up to the octave and back. You can also resolve by ending on the C minor chord using the C harmonic minor scale.

5. The 5-note arpeggio used over the G7 chord in this tonal center is the G7 with the added flat 9, which is the G7b9 chord. The notes that make up the G7b9 chord are: G, Ab, B, D, F.

6. Practice this scale using all fingerings with the goal of learning it in all 12 keys and in all zones of the fingerboard.

7. Practice it horizontally and vertically and combine both approaches as we have done with other studies.