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Watch the Dim. Over Dominant Tonality online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Modern Method for Guitar

Recall that the diminished arpeggio is made up of 4 notes, each a minor 3rd apart. In this segment I show you how to use the diminished arpeggios over dominant chords. Remember that because of its symmetry, all of the related diminished arpeggios are a minor 3rd apart.

1. Start with a G7 chord with the added flat 9. (See the lesson on the flat 9 tonality for review)

2. If we omit the root, G, and play the other notes, we have the diminished arpeggio. So, to play over a dominant chord, simply start the diminished arpeggio 1/2 step higher than the dominant chord's root.

3. Play the Ab diminished on the top 4 strings. (See notation and chord grid)

4. Flat each of the 4 notes a 1/2 step, one at a time. This will yield 4 dominant chords that are related to the Ab diminished chord. The 3rd, 5th and 7th are always in the diminished and applicable dominant chord.

5. Since the root is never in the diminished arpeggio, imply the tonal center and obtain your dominant flat 9 chord and arpeggio by simply playing the flat 9 and lowering it a 1/2 step.

9. Summary: 1 diminished arpeggio services 4 dominant chords.

* Ab diminished services the G 7, Bb7, Db7, and E7

* A diminished services the Ab7, B7, D7 and F7

* Bb diminished services the A7, C7, Eb7, and Gb7 (F#7)