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Watch the C Major 7th Play-along online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Modern Method for Guitar

In this video segment we roll the play-along track we recorded to trade fours using the various tonal centers and ideas we have covered thus far. Play along using these ideas to vary the jam. You can copy what I do, or answer what I do with your own phrase. I will let you know what tonal center I am using each time I change it. Below is the list of tonal centers in order.

The ideas that I play use the following tonal centers:

1. Major pentatonic

2. Major 7th

3. Major 7th arpeggio

4. Horizontal on the 2nd string

5. Major pentatonic into the minor pentatonic

6. Major 6th

7. Low register

8. Low register on the 5th string

9. Same note on different strings

10. Bluesy lick

11. Thirds

12. Scale patterns

13. Focus on the 9th

14. Bends with the suspended 4th

15. Pull-offs

16. 6/9 chords

17. Thirds with a bluesy ending

18. It's up to you to make play along tracks in other keys and in different tempos.