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Watch the 15: Chord Progressions online guitar lesson by Frank Vignola from Modern Method for Guitar

Chord progressions are 2 or more chords organized into groups. Songs are written by putting melody over chord progressions. Though my approach is to learn how to play all variations of chords and their inversions in every key, you only need to know a handful of chords and a few chord progressions to play hundreds of songs in all different styles of music. In the coming segments I teach you the most widely used progressions. In the video segment that accompanies this segment I give you samples of these progressions as played in songs you know.

1. When working through these lessons try to internalize the sound of each progression.

2. When listening to music try to identify the progression being used.

3. When working on songs, play the progressions in all keys using all the inversions. This is a great way to take the exercises we have been working on and apply them to making music.

4. My mentors have always told me that to become an accomplished player, learn songs. The more songs you learn the easier it is to improvise.

5. Rather than thinking about scales, modes and memorized licks, my approach is to base improvisation on the melody.

6. The way I approach music is to learn as many melodies as possible and learn the chord progressions that are used to harmonize them. The way to study them is by using the same approach we have been using with the scales and arpeggios and apply it to melodies and chord progressions, coming up with as many variations as you can.

7. Learning these progressions is key to learning songs and playing songs is what it is all about!