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Watch the VII - V - VI - IV Locrian online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Modal Expose

A Locrian progression will always sound unresolved and tense due to the fact that the minor 7 (b5) chord is dissonant in nature. The VII is not really intended to function as a resolution point but as a chord that pulls you toward the I. You can hear the tension in the chord and consequently the progression.

This is a simple progression but it will give you a great chance to practice playing your chord voicings with a 5th string root note. The G# minor 7 (b5) chord voicing I used was the shape that is the same as an E9 chord but without the E note in the bass.

Check out the fingerings and then take a run at playing over the track. To add a little more flair to the rhythmic approach try sliding in to the G# minor 7(b5) chord from a semi-tone below.

This may well be the hardest mode in which to create a chord progression. Try building a groove with a resolution to the VII chord and you'll understand what I mean!