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Watch the VI - IV - VI - I - V Aeolian online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Modal Expose

By now you've probably realized that adding extensions to your chords doesn't change the modality one bit. A VI chord with an 11th or 9th added is still a VI.

In this example I'm starting with an arpeggiated F# minor 7 chord which I then add a 9th to and then release. I'm doing this to add a simple melodic hook on top of the chord. The second chord is a D major 7 which I've chosen to accentuate the F# note within my arpeggiated pattern. You'll hear what I mean when you watch the video.

I then repeat my first chord, the VI chord with the added 9th. The last two chords are both Ist inversion major triads. A/C# and E/G#. Changing the bass note in the chords and allowing the two top strings to stay open gives a really nice sound to these voicings.

I added a 2nd guitar part of power chords to add strength to this progression. Check out the additional chords I'm playing against the foundation track. There are probably many other power chord options you could play over this progression. If you feel creative try and find another part that sits well with the original arpeggiated line and melody.