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Watch the Phrygian online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Modal Expose

The A major scale from C# to C#

Here are our chord tones for the C# chord - C# D E F# G# A B C#. These notes build a C# minor and C# minor 7th chord. The single notes are the chord arpeggio and the sweet notes, chord tones and our solid resolutions. Why? Because they are in the chord.

We can locate the arpeggio in the scale shape we've been using to create the chords. Let's play through that over the C# minor 7th track. Sounds solid and consonant.

We can also play the A major scale from C# to C# to hear the scale relate directly to the chord that is built from those tones. Our ear hears this as the tonal center. This is called the C# phrygian mode and directly relates to the chord and the tones within it.