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Watch the IV - V - III - IV Lydian online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Modal Expose

In my opening lines I'm really trying to define the chords with their chord tones within intervallic lines. The root and major 7th and 5th of D and then the E major triad arpeggio.

I also wanted to make sure we hit the characteristic note G# and I do that by starting on the 5th, A to the #4, G# at the beginning of a musical phrase.

The scale based intervallic line that starts on the note B is a little tricky, so slow that down to a snail's pace while learning it. I derived that idea out of the A major scale shape we've been working on throughout this course.

One of the ideas I really like in this solo, is the D major triad lick with the major 2nd and minor 3rd bend added to it. The B bent up to C# gives us the major 7th of a D major 7th chord and then raising the pitch a further semi-tone gets us up to the root, D. The resolution of that lick comes by way of the A note which is the 5th of the chord.

I return to my melodic motifs, as always, to end this solo. I kept the rhythmic phrasing the same but varied the melodic content slightly to add some interest.

Try crafting your own Lydian solo over this progression. Record it if you can and listen back to the key elements. Recording your ideas is going to help you define them and let you hear back every aspect of your musicality. Listen to your timing, note choices,phrasing, dynamics, flow and listenability.