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Watch the IV - V - I Lydian online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Modal Expose

The opening line to this solo is all diatonic double-stop sixths from the D lydian mode. The first double-stop is actually two chord tones of the D chord as well, A and F#. I sang this melody when I was working on the track and decided it sounded stronger with the harmony added, so that's why I used the double-stops. You may have noticed too that the phrasing is accentuated mainly on the upbeats which gives the notes some more sonic space in the track.

The other ideas I employed here were the use of a D major 7 arpeggio as a cascading line and again, I repeat ideas to create hooks and melodic motifs. I also used a B minor 7 arpeggio idea too as it is a chord substitution for the D major chord. More on this in the near future!

I returned to the double-stops to complete the solo because I wanted to re-introduce my melodic hook, making sure I resolved to my chord tones.

Try working out your own solo with a totally different approach. I'd like to get your feedback on how you get on and whether you think crafting solos is easy or a challenge. Rock On!