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Watch the I - IV - VI - V Ionian online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Modal Expose

This Ionian progression starts with a first inversion A chord, A/C#. I then suspend the chord by sliding the C# up to a D bass. You could think of this as an A sus 4 chord. As you can see this voicing is quite a stretch but you could always play a simple A and A sus4 in open position if the fingering is too much right now.

The F# minor 7 and E barre chords come next and shouldn't present too much of a problem for you. I then repeat the first part again but this time I play an F# minor 11 chord and E5 chord as a variation to the VI and V. The reason I did this was to add some harmonic interest and range to this guitar part.

The overdub idea is a very simple arpeggiated line which outlines the chord changes by moving just one voice within the chord that I'm playing. You'll notice that I'm copying the C#, D move from my first guitar part only I've placed it two octaves higher in this new part.
The C# is also the 5th of the F# minor 7 chord and the open B note is the 5th of E and E5.

Simple ideas can be very musical and powerful to your music, never underestimate the easy and simple approaches!