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Watch the Sub VII Minor 7(Flat 5) for V7 online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from The Modal Alchemist

In this example I'll be superimposing the G# minor 7(b5) arpeggio over an E9 chord. I added the 9th to the E7 chord because the F# (9th) was the only note not found in both chords. Targeting the 9th is going to sound really sweet. Of course, any of the chord tones are going to sound great when you target them.

You can also try using the G# Locrian mode over the E9 chord and a G# blues scale will also sound pretty good.

For the blues players out there, this section of this course should be very appealing to you as you can start to open up the sound of your blues soloing with new ideas and scale, arpeggio choices instead of just pentatonic licks.

As always, record your solos and critique yourself, you are your own best teacher!