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Watch the Sub II Minor for IV Major online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from The Modal Alchemist

In this lesson I'll be using a B minor 7 arpeggio to improvise over a D major 7 chord and a D major 6 chord progression. I've added the 6 to the D chord because it's the root note of the B minor 7 arpeggio.

Targeting the 6th in the D major chord is going to sound very sweet and less typical than hitting the other chord tones. I like the sound that this substitution creates; I hope you guys do too.

Create some lines of your own over this progression targeting the major 7th and the major 6th tones of those 2 chords. As always, recording your ideas will be a valuable learning tool for you, the tape doesn't lie or in this case the digital recording won't lie to you!