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Watch the D Mixolydian Progression online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from The Modal Alchemist

The D mixolydian chord progression is built by combining chords derived from the key of G major with a resolution point, tonal center of the V chord, D major or D7. (or variations thereof)

In this D mixolydian progression we have a V - II - I - V - II - I - IV - I - V which equates to D - A minor 7 - G - D - A minor 7 - G/B - C - G - D.

Nothing too taxing here in the form of rhythm playing but it is a typical rock progression that will provide us a great platform for our mixolydian solo.

You might want to play with this progression a little bit by playing the D chord as a D7 or D9. This will add a bluesier aspect to the groove.