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Watch the C Lydian Progression online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from The Modal Alchemist

The C Lydian progression is a chord progression that is derived from the chords of the G major scale but resolves to a tonal center of the IV chord, C major or C major 7 (or derivatives thereof).

This is a really smooth progression with lots of space to add second guitar parts and nice solo lines. The progression can be looked at as a IV - III - II - VI - V - IV. The chords would be C major 7 - B minor 7 - A minor 7 - E minor 7 - D.

I'm playing the first 3 chords as spreads and sustaining them for a full measure each, which leaves lots of space. In the last measure you'll notice I push from the E minor 7 to the D on the 2nd 8th note of beat 2.

Play through this progression and then work out a complementary 2nd guitar part. A single note funk line would work wonderfully here or even power chords playing muted 8ths over to you for some creative playing!