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Watch the A Dorian Soloing online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from The Modal Alchemist

Listen through to my solo and see where I'm resolving my phrases to. The cool thing about this progression is that you could actually target the D note in the A minor 11 chord and it would sound sweet because it's a chord tone, sweet note! Try targeting that note when you take your solo.

The key to playing over this Dorian progression is to phrase your licks towards the chord tones of the tonal center, A minor 11. I choose to use pentatonics and arpeggios for the most part and occasionally use a scale based run to add pace or movement in a solo.

Learn this solo or licks from it and then create your own solo. I truly advocate recording your takes so that you can review your performance. You'll be surprised at the results sometimes good sometimes not. Either way you'll learn something from the experience.