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Watch the Jimi Hendrix online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Kings of Tone

Studying Jimi's rhythm guitar playing is essential to any rock guitarists vocabulary. The basic concept is when you have a major chord you can outline that chord using a major pentatonic scale, just be sure to resolve to a chord tone. This works well because each major pentatonic scale contains a major chord. The same holds true for minor chords, you can replace the chord with a fill based on its related minor pentatonic scale. For example Am7 is spelled ACEG, A minor pentatonic is spelled ACDEG. As you can see A minor pentatonic contains an Am7 chord with an added 4th. We could also look at the Am pentatonic scale as an Am11 arpeggio. There is some food for thought. So what could an A major pentatonic scale be seen as?