Watch the Jimi Hendrix online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Kings of Tone

There are some basic pedals we can use to get us into Jimi's tone, a good overdrive, a univibe, a fuzz-face, an octavia, and a wah. Ok that's a lot I know but for Jimi's rhythm tone all we really need is a good overdrive. What a good overdrive does is react well to your volume knob, so when you turn down the volume the guitar tone cleans up and gives that great edge of breakup so well associated with Hendrix. Think "Wind Cries Mary", "Castles Made of Sand", and "Little Wing". Jimi was well known for using a fuzz pedal, the cool thing about fuzzes is how they react to your volume knob. They can clean up very quickly and with a small turn of the knob go to full fuzz, you can hear Jimi do this a lot, just listen to any of the live recordings.