Watch the Interval Insight online guitar lesson by Charles Chapman from Interval Insights

All interval exercises are written in the key of C for expedience in getting your hands and ears in motion. The single-note (melodic line) and simultaneous (doublestop) exercises show some of the different ways that each interval can be approached.
The intervals are all diatonic, meaning that all notes are in the key. Since this was our guideline for the course, you won't see b2's or diminished 4ths or augmented 5ths, etc. Master what we've provided and then let us know when you're ready for more!

Pay careful attention to the fingering and the string sets. Make sure you can execute them flawlessly before you alter fingerings or positions. Feel free to skip around and work on the intervals and exercises that appeal to you, but bear in mind that the ones that seem foreign or difficult may be the ones that take you to the next level.

A few stretches may be a little demanding, so never practice the simultaneous interval studies unless you are thoroughly warmed up. If you feel anything uncomfortable in your left hand, leave it and come back to it at a later time. Always listen to your hands and never push, as that's how injuries occur.

I would strongly recommend you sing all the single-note exercises while playing them to help develop your "mind's ear." An added benefit of going through these exercises thoroughly will be increased technique, tone, and general musicality.

Go Beyond

Once your hands and ears have the idea, it's time for you to explore on your own. There are endless possibilities that will definitely add new life to your playing. You should experiment with different fingerings and neck positions, and always work through as many keys as possible.

A good way to remember intervals is to think of melodic fragments that trigger your recognition of the interval. Melodic fragments can be a small section of a song, a TV commercial, or any sound that helps you to remember and recognize the distance between two pitches. I would strongly suggest that you make a list of your own to study and reference. A few of my favorites are:
Major 2nd Ascending= Happy Birthday
Minor 2nd Descending= Stella By Starlight
Minor 3rd Descending = Hey Jude
Minor 3rd Ascending= Hello Dolly
Major 4th Ascending= Here Comes The Bride
Major 6th Ascending= It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
Octave Ascending= Over The Rainbow

Interval Insights will get you started, but then it's up to you to add your sound and style. Have fun and never let the music leave your life.

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