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Watch the 7ths online guitar lesson by Charles Chapman from Interval Insights

The 7th can be an awkward interval to hear and finger. But it can also be very pretty, and it challenges your ear to consider what notes might fall in between a root and its 7th to form a full harmony. Like the other intervals it has a sound that's totally unique. Getting comfortable with this interval can greatly enhance your technique and creativity.

Like all the other intervals in this course, our exercises stay diatonic to C major. That means that the 7th interval we're using is a major 7th (and you may recognize the sound from the top and bottom of a maj7 chord). Note that when you see a chord written "C7" or "A7," it means a dominant 7th; that is, a b7. If you're feeling ambitious, lower the upper degree in our exercises and give yourself a workout in dominant-7ths.

1- 7ths Played Single
2- Single Ascending 7ths Played in 3rds
3- Single Descending 7ths Played in 3rds
4- 7ths Played Simultaneous
5- 7ths Played Simultaneous in 3rds