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Watch the 6ths online guitar lesson by Charles Chapman from Interval Insights

The 6th is a very consonant interval that is usually associated with country music; country players will often fill their solos and supporting lines with them. The interval of a 6th can be used and sound great in all idioms and should not be isolated to country.

In the exercises, take special note of cross fingering (when two fingers are used on the same fret while still maintaining a position) as well as the fingering when position changes occur.

On the simultaneous exercise, you have the choice of using a pick and muting the note in-between intervals or using the open right hand technique. And in our performance video, hybrid picking is used. Try all three ways and experience the sound and feel so you can determine which is best for the situation and your ability.

Also, don't hesitate to extend any of the exercises - for 6ths and other intervals - above and below the written parameters.

1- 6ths Played Single
2- Single Ascending 6ths in 3rds
3- Single Descending 6ths in 3rds
4- 6ths Played Simultaneous
5- 6ths Played Simultaneous in 3rds

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