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Watch the 2nds online guitar lesson by Charles Chapman from Interval Insights

Simultaneous seconds provide the most dissonance in the interval family. They're usually employed sparingly because they can be very disconcerting to the listener if over-used. However, our performance video helps unpack the bad reputation of dissonant intervals, and you'll see that they're actually quite common and useful.

The exercises should provide ample choices to put new life into many of your tired lines and chord voicings. A few notes on them:

Ascending 2nds played single - This exercise is formulated by playing diatonic 2nds above the scale pitch and then below the scale pitch. By using this formula, other intervals will result, but your ear will distinguish the 2nds as the fundamental interval in the exercise.

Descending 2nds Played Simultaneously - You may want to elevate the neck of your guitar to approximately the 10:00 or 11:00 position. It may be slightly uncomfortable, but it makes for an easier stretch with the left hand. You may also want to bring your elbow in a little closer to your body. Never try this exercise unless you are thoroughly warmed up, as it is very easy to pull muscles or tendons.

1- Ascending 2nds Played Single
2- Descending 2nds Played Single
3- Ascending 2nds Played Simultaneous
4- Descending 2nds Played Simultaneous