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Watch the The Guitarist's Pentathlon online guitar lesson by Rob Garland from The Guitarist's Pentathlon

Congratulations, you've made it through the Pentathlon, well done and thank you! I'd like to suggest some ideas for future study: Experiment by adding one note at a time to the pentatonic scale. Use the scale in a variety of musical applications. Move the scale through different scale degrees for different sounds such as the ii-V-I application and playing minor pentatonic scales from the ii-iii-vi of a major key. Be sure to practice all the ideas in different keys and in all five shapes, I may have said that once or twice already. Perhaps take a new key per week and in 12 short weeks you'll have them all down! Practice hearing the sounds of the notes rather than thinking about the theory too much and these ideas will come out in your playing naturally. It works, I promise. Don't forget to come say hello to me on my website ( and check out my TrueFire classroom if you'd like to be nagged in person about playing in different keys. Cheers!