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Watch the A Fifth Above: Jazz ii-V-I online guitar lesson by Rob Garland from The Guitarist's Pentathlon

In the solo I'm exploring tension and resolution by beginning on the ii chord (Cm7) up a 5th with Gm pentatonic, creating altered tension over the V chord (F9) with G#m pentatonic and resolving on the I chord (BbMAJ7) with Am pentatonic which contains the super hip sounding #11th, in this key the note E. Again for less tension I suggest remaining on the ii chord Gm pentatonic for 6 beats, moving up for 2 beats on the V then resolving to Am pentatonic by moving up for the I chord on its downbeat. Moving to the V chord pentatonic earlier and staying there for a whole bar creates much more tension and lets you revel in the hip altered sound. Experiment with sustaining the note E (#11th) against the BbMAJ7 chord.