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Watch the Forearm Development online guitar lesson by Bruce Arnold from Guitar Physiology Survival Guide

Once you gain some control with the aforementioned forearm exercises there are further simple exercises you can use. These two exercises are from my book "Right Hand Technique." I recommend this as an additional text to this course. Start by picking one string with one down stroke and then move to the next string, like a very slow strum. Start on the low E and work your way up to the high E string and back down to the low E while still picking downward. Do not play this fast; it is just a first step in learning a new technique. If you are interested in the "Right Hand Technique" book and are currently connected to the internet you can click on the title below to read more:

"Right Hand Technique" Remember that your forearm has no "built in" rhythm knowledge. It is crucial that you work with specific exercises in order to instill rhythms into your right forearm. I recommend using the previously mentioned "Rhythm Series" books in lesson 8. The "Right Hand Technique" book also has some exercises for rhythm.

While developing the aforementioned patterns you can also start on common strumming patterns. Try these strumming patterns at different speeds to develop dexterity. Remember that all movement should come from the elbow or forearm. Make sure your wrist is straight and you are holding the pick only as hard as you need to, and that your other fingers are relaxed.