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Watch the Overview of 8 Bar Progression online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Vertical Soloing

This group of lessons will focus on soloing over an eight bar progression that is in the key of C Major. You will learn how to play more melodically by using the arpeggios for each chord as well as the pentatonic scales and modes. I will also give you some insight into how to apply theory to increase your skills in rhythm guitar.

The progression is a IV, V, VI, IV, ii V vi in the key of C. C Major is the theoretical key but A minor is the street key. I will demonstrate using just the A minor pentatonic scale as a means of soloing over this progression and I will explain the strengths as well as the limitations of this approach. Next I'll show you the pitfalls of just playing the modes over the changes. The issue of "weak tones" becomes apparent so next up is the application of arpeggios. The modes would be as follows: F Lydian over the F chord, G mixolydian over the G chord, A aeolian over the Am chord and D dorian over the Dm chord. As you will hear, there are weak tones in certain modes that don't sound strong so this directs us to the study of arpeggios which will be the subject of lesson 2.