Watch the Hendrix' Little Castles online guitar lesson by Matthieu Brandt from Guitar Lab: Triads and Hendrixian Double Stops

Although up untill now we've concentrated on playing backup within one key, this approach also works when you use chords that stem from other keys, passing chords or even when you modulate.

When you play in this style, your licks, doublestops and triads are always coloring the background chord. So it is important to 'move with the chords' and keep using your ears.

Hendrix' style of playing is a great resource for ideas in regard to playing triads and double stops. His style of backup playing in songs like 'Castles Made Of Sand', 'Electric Ladyland', 'Wind Cries Mary' and Little Wing actually originated in the Soul Music of the 60's. Players like Curtis Mayfield, Cornell Dupree and Steve Cropper used to play this intricate triad based doublestop style in arrangements backing up horn players in larger band settings. Often these bands would feature an organ player and multiple guitar players.

In our last example we'll play through a chord progression that includes modulations and we'll do this in a thick band setting, featuring two guitars and an organ player.