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Watch the Super Sustain online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Super Sustain

Super Sustain is guaranteed to improve your playing in a number of areas. Learning how to make the guitar sustain involves refinement of fretting hand touch to the point where you know exactly how much physical exertion is necessary to keep the string in contact with the fret. This also improves your intonation in all areas of guitar playing. We will be focusing on the E minor pentatonic scale as our source for a number of legato techniques and will be viewing the information along the string axis. This will enhance your knowledge of the fingerboard and break you out of the tunnel vision approach which can occur when thinking in positions. We will also focus on dampening with both hands which will clean up your playing. I have included an over the shoulder camera angle for the fretting hand which will help you in assessing your hand positions.

In addition to many exercises involving dampening and sustain, we will cover 46 technique combinations which will allow you to create different licks with the same melodic material.