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Watch the Fretting Hand online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Super Sustain

This lesson will improve your sustain by addressing left-hand slurs as applied to the E minor pentatonic scale along the string axis. The slurs which will be used are: Hammer ons from nowhere, hammer ons, pull offs, and legato slides. The concept of overtones in a high gain situation will be demonstrated which will further encourage you to explore this issue of how you touch the guitar.

Since we are using the minor pentatonic scale as our source for all melodic material, we will explore how the two intervals exist in the scale when dealing with adjacent notes. These two intervals are: the major second which is a whole step and the minor third which is a step and a half. The minor pentatonic scale consists of the following tones: 1 b3 4 5 b7. The major second interval occurs between the b3 and 4, the 4 and 5, and the b7 and 1. The minor third interval occurs between the 1 and b3 as well as the 5 and b7.

The latter part of this lesson explores viewing the scale in terms of every other note which involves major third and perfect fourth intervals. Seeing this information along the string axis will help you to create a more fluid sound in your playing. It will also enable you to delve into some of the modern wide intervallic melodic moves.