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Watch the Slash Chord w/Tracks online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Slash Chord Science

This is the lesson you been waiting for. You get to play along with jam tracks which include the bass note. This frees you up technically so that all you have to do is play the triads on different string groups. But don't get lazy, make sure you're aware of what is going on theoretically and keep your ears open because every time you play a different triad over a bass note you are creating a new harmony or voicing. I have not included a jam track with the B in the bass so you can do that on your own after you have absorbed the I through VI scale degrees as bass notes.

To really benefit from this information, take a limited amount of chordal options and play over them every day. By definition, this workout demands some serious repetition but I promise you it will open up your head, hands and ears to some new sounds that will serve you in all styles of music.