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Watch the I bVII/I online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Slash Chord Science

This lesson presents the following bichordal slash chord progression: I bVII/I. The street key for this vamp would be C. To determine the theoretical key, consult appendix B which is a chart of the major scales and the diatonic chords are built from those scales. If we analyze this progression, the C Bb/C could function as a V IV/V in the key of F.

In the video I will demonstrate playing the complete slash chord (triad over the bass note) as well as playing along with the jam track in which the bass note is already being played in the rhythm section. You will see how I use different triad voicings to create a keyboard style of playing.

Diagrams 9a and 9b show these available triads over the entire fingerboard based on the three one note per string arpeggio forms that you learned in lessons one and two.