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Watch the Bi-Chordal Diatonic Progressions online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Slash Chord Science

This lesson presents the big picture of utilizing six different diatonic triads in bi-chordal progressions. In the previous five lessons we were always using adjacent diatonic triads as our numerators for our slash chords. If you look at diagram seven you will see how we have five possibilities of different triads for each of our six diatonic triads. I have deleted the diminished triad which is built off of the seven step scale as an option. In lesson two we dealt with the C and Dm triads over all seven bass notes. In this video I will show you how to take other triad combinations and play them over all seven bass notes. As you probably figured out by now, information overload is looming just over the horizon. For each pair of chords, you have seven possible bass notes. We restricted ourselves to six triads out of the major scale so that gives us five bi-chordal progressions. 5x7 is 35 but we could play each progression two ways. Either chord could be the home base chord. That doubles the possibilities so now we are at 70. In diagram seven you see we have six groups of triads where one of the triads is a constant. 70x6 is 420. Well I guess you won't run out of things to practice huh?