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Watch the Slash Chord Progressions online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Slash Chord Progressions

Slash chords are an effective way of notating inversions of triads, extended harmonies and tension oriented sonorities. The concept of a triad over a bass note serves not only in the solo guitar realm, but also in an ensemble situation in which the bass note is played by the bass player thus freeing up the guitarist both technically and texturally to use major or minor triads in various inversions as a springboard for melodic fills. Another added benefit of viewing harmony via slash chords is the ease of determining which scales to apply for comping and soloing.

In Slash Chord Science, Carlton drills down deep on visualizing major and minor arpeggios and chord voicings over the entire fingerboard, understanding street key versus theoretical key analysis, chromatic bass line options under major and minor chords, and common slash chord formulas applied to bi-chordal progressions.

In Slash Chord Progressions, Carlton goes even deeper by examining three progressions, all of which involve slash chords. The first and third progressions are the easiest to solo over because they are diatonic to the major scale. The second progression is more complex because the chords do not all reside within one key. You will use the same musical tools as progressions one and three, but because you'll be changing keys it will require more knowledge on your instrument.

These three progressions are standard harmonic moves which you'll encounter in all styles of music. Carlton steps you through an intensive series of lessons covering both comping and improvising in the context of these three progressions.

For improvisation, you'll be working with pentatonics, modes and arpeggios learning how to target the notes that define the chord changes to craft a more melodic quality in your soloing. You'll also work with specially prepared jam tracks and charts to help guide you through the process of improvising over slash chord progressions.