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Watch the Dm C/D Gm/D online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Slash Chord Progressions

This lesson covers the following progression: Dm to C/D to Gm/D. The accompanying chart can be viewed as follows: column one is the slash chord name, column two is the actual chord name of the harmony, column three is the mode or modes that are applicable, column four is the parent scale for each mode, and column five is the diagram that plots out the information on the fingerboard.

Next on this chart is a section entitled horizontal soloing. This is where you can see how to use the minor pentatonic and the blues scale for rock/blues sounds in your soloing.

Section three of the chart is titled vertical soloing/arpeggios. As the name implies, this lists the information necessary to define the chord changes in the progression.

I will demonstrate how to play over the progression utilizing each of these approaches. We will focus on one area of the fingerboard to allow you to absorb this information more easily. After you have a handle on this material, you can utilize the long fingerboard diagrams to master the entire neck at your own pace.