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Watch the Targeting Minor online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Riff Generator

This lesson takes the three notes of a minor triad and explores the connectors in between each chord tone. Diagram 13 shows the 1 b3 5 in the key of A. These three notes form an A minor triad. In between the 1 and b3 you have the 2 as a connector, in between the b3 and 5 you have the 4 as a connector, and in between the 5 and 8(1) you have the b7 as a connector. Diagrams 13a through 13c show this melodic move with the chord tones in red and the connecting notes in black. I will show you how to apply various techniques to this melodic move such as: picking, hammer ons, pull offs, legato slides, bends, releases, tapping, legato and staccato articulation, and octaves. In addition, I will show you how to develop solos using this melodic move as a theme.