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Watch the b3 b7 1 Move online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Riff Generator

This lesson examines the following three note melodic formula: b3 b7 1. There are four ways to play this riff in terms of pitch direction: b3 up to b7 then down to 1, b3 up to b7 then up to 1, b3 down to b7 then down to 1, and finally b3 down to b7 then up to 1. Diagrams 4a through 4e show this melodic move plotted out on the entire fingerboard in the key of A. Each diagram is color-coded with the melodic formula in red and the rest of the diagram in black. The A minor pentatonic scale will be our point of reference in this lesson. You will be provided with two jam tracks in the key of A: a shuffle and a straight eighth groove.

I will show you how to apply various techniques to this melodic move such as: picking, hammer ons, pull offs, legato slides, bends, releases, tapping, legato and staccato articulation, and octaves. In addition, I will show you how to develop solos using this melodic move as a theme.