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Watch the b3 3 5 6 1 Move online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Riff Generator

This lesson covers a standard riff which involves the following tones: b3 3 5 6 1. Diagrams 7a through 7c show the layout of this riff in three different octaves. This riff could be viewed as being derived from the major pentatonic scale with the addition of the b3 before the 3. The intervals are as follows: minor second between the b3 and the 3, minor third between the 3 and the 5, major second between the 5 and the 6, and minor third between the 6 and the 1.

This particular riff is a great addition to your standard minor pentatonic vocabulary as it will sweeten up your playing by taking you over to the major pentatonic side of the blues composite tonal spectrum. Also by knowing it in different positions, it will help you move into less common areas of the minor pentatonic scale than you're used to.