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Watch the A Minor Pentatonic online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Riff Generator

This lesson focuses on the A minor pentatonic scale as viewed on the third string. All the techniques presented in lessons one through three are applied to this string. We also now introduce legato slides as a new tool to create a liquid flowing sound to our melodic lines. In this lesson you will learn how to get the guitar to sing with just your fretting hand by utilizing hammer ons, pull offs, and legato slides to keep the string vibrating.

It is important to visualize the entire scale along the string axis and not get in the rut of tunnel vision where you just see a few frets of the fingerboard as your area of activity. Force yourself to play all over the fingerboard using all the techniques at your disposal.

Each lesson in this course is accompanied with specific color-coded diagrams to aid you in visualizing the information on the fingerboard.