Watch the 3 4 #4 5 Move online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Riff Generator

This lesson focuses on the four following tones: 3 4 #4 5. Diagrams 3a through 3c show the layout of these four tones in all four octaves. The layout involves all four notes residing on the same string. The intervals are as follows: minor second between the 3 and the 4, minor second between the 4 and the #4, and minor second between the #4 and the 5. You will learn various warm-ups which will enhance your left-hand technique while drilling through these tones. These include hammer ons, pull offs, legato slides, bends and releases. By learning this four note group according to which octave you're in, you will view the unison groupings on adjacent strings. This offers you the option of playing the same notes on different strings for tonal and/or technical reasons. Each of these three diagrams show the unison groupings of this four note formula.

I will show you various ways of combining your left-hand techniques to create different riffs with the same four notes.