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Watch the 1 5 1 Structures online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Open String Universe

In this lesson we will combine some of the voicings that you have learned in the previous lessons. The first example is F#7sus4 to G6. This has a spanish sound (phrygian) because the home base chord (F#7sus4) is functioning as a iii in the key of D. The G6 functions as a IV in D. The D scale would serve as F# phrygian and G lydian over these two chords. You could also use F# phrygian dominant over the F#7sus4. This same sound is created with our 2nd progression: Bsus4 to CMaj7. This is a iii IV in G Major. Try B phrygian dominant over the Bsus4. This lesson concludes with me improvising with the chords we've covered.