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Watch the 1 5 1 Structures online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Open String Universe

This lesson will take the chords you have learned in the previous six lessons and link them together in various progressions. Our first vamp is Asus2, C#m7, E5. If you hear the E5 as home base, this progression would then be a IV vi I in the key of E. Next we'll include the CMaj7 to take us out of the key of E. You would use C lydian over the CMaj7. Another option would be to include the D 6/9 (no 3) in our original vamp. D lydian would lay over this D 6/9(no 3) which then causes the E5 to act as a pivot chord; The I in E and/or the V in A. This also means the entire progression could be viewed as a I(Asus2) iii7 (C#m7) V5 (E5) IV (D 6/9(no 3)) in the key of A major. Our next progression is D 6/9 no 3 to CMaj7 (3x) then E5. The D 6/9 no 3 could function as a V chord in G major and the CMaj7 would be a IV in G. Then when you move to the E5, there are many options.