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Watch the 1 3 #5 Structures online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Open String Universe

This lesson uses an augmented triad on the 5th, 4th and 3rd strings combined with the 2nd and 1st strings open. Voicing 1 is a CMaj#5. It is voiced 1 3 #5 7 3. The Maj7#5 chord is the chord built off of the third degree of the melodic minor scale. The mode would be lydian augmented (1 2 3 #4 #5 6 7). I will show you how to invert the augmented triad in this chord to produce other Maj 7#5 voicings. Then I will analyze this chord against other bass notes. Voicing 2 in this lesson is a C#7#5#9. It is voiced 1 3# b7 #9. This chord is contained within the super locrian mode which is mode seven of the melodic minor scale.