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Watch the Two - Two Forms online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: The Golden Arp

Our next inversion is the 2nd inversion Add 9 arpeggio. This form has an awkward 3rd finger roll so you might not find it as "user-friendly" as some of the other forms. Consult ex. 12 and place your 1st finger on the 3(G#), 4th fret 6th string. Next use your 3rd finger to play the 5(B), 7th fret 6th string. Keep your 3rd finger upright so you can then efficiently roll over to the root (E), the fret 5th string. Finish off by playing the 9(2), the F#, 9th fret 5th string with your 4th finger.

Another fingering that eliminates the 3rd finger roll is to use your 1st finger for the 3, slide up to the 5 then use your 2nd finger for the root and then slide up to the 9(2). What was initially a form that seemed daunting is now quite easy, and it sounds great.

The fingering on the 3rd string, 2nd string group is easier as it eliminates the finger roll and utilizes a one-finger-per-note approach.