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Watch the 4 Notes-Per-String Forms online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: The Golden Arp

This lesson demonstrates the Add 9 arpeggio in a four notes-per-string form where the open string is the 9(2). Look at example three. You can see how the layout of the arpeggio is 2 3 5 1 and then the octave 2.

In traditional theory, a major triad is said to be in 1st inversion if the 3rd of the chord is the lowest voice. I will be changing that definition to accommodate the condensed Add 9 arpeggio formula 1 2 3 5. 1 2 3 5 is root position, 2 3 5 1 is 1st inv, 3 5 1 2 is 2nd inversion and 5 1 2 3 will be 3rd inversion.

You will see in example 3 that the intervals remain consistent as described in lesson 2. You are just starting on the 2nd instead of the root. Try to "see" the entire Add 9 arpeggio along the string axis.