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Watch the 1 Notes-Per-String Forms online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: The Golden Arp

Ex 24 lays out the 2nd inversion Add 9 arpeggio in a one note-per-string format. Measure one presents a technical problem in that you have two fingers in the same fret of the 5th and 4th strings. One solution is to use a double-stop fingering. The video explains this in depth.

Measure 2 has the same issue in the 14th fret of strings 4 and 3. Explore various fingerings always keeping intonation as a #1 priority.

Measure 3 is straightforward and does not pose this fingering issue. Play each of these arpeggios as chords and monophonic arpeggios. Try alternate picking, sweep picking, hybrid picking and finger picking.