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Watch the Track Analysis online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Dorian Dominance

This lesson takes one of the 30 jam tracks which are supplied in this course and presents it for analysis. The bassline on this track consists of the following sequence of notes: G A G A, G A G A C. The A Dorian mode is spelled: A B C D E F# G. The numerical formula for the scale is: 1 2 b3 4 5 6 b7. This means the bassline would be analyzed as: b7 1 b7 1, b7 1 b7 1 b3. As you can see the bassline is a subset of the Dorian mode. By repeating this process with each of the 30 jam tracks you will clearly see how the Dorian mode can be applied over these loops. This will also help you understand how bass lines are constructed using the strong tones of the mode. These strong tones would be the 1, 5, b7, and the b3. These are the four tones which form a minor seven chord. The minor seven chord is the harmonic framework of the Dorian mode.