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Watch the A Dorian Mode online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Guitar Lab: Dorian Dominance

This lesson presents the diatonic triads in A Dorian. G major is the parent of A Dorian therefore the triads in the key of G are the triads in A Dorian. There will be three minor triads, three major triads, and one diminished triad always occurring in the following order: minor off the 1, minor off the 2, major off the b3, major off the 4, minor off the 5, diminished off the 6, and major off the b7. You will receive charts showing these diatonic triads in all three inversions: root position, first inversion, and second inversion. You will be viewing these arpeggios in a one note per string format which will allow you see upper and lower neighbors of any scale degree. This will also help your rhythm playing because you will understand that each time you play one of the diatonic triads, you'll be playing certain chord tones and/or extensions.