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Watch the Triads online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Guitar Interactives


Lets play through the G major scale using our triad chords in open position. Having a strong understanding of the chords and the scale position they occupy is going to be incredibly powerful for you as a musician. You’ll be able to read and play chord charts easier and writing music knowing the possible options in position on your fretboard will be very helpful in speeding up the creative process.

Play those G major scale triads in open position over the drum and bass track.

Now that we have a clear and concise way of playing the G major scale triads in position lets translate that into barre chords that we can play in a linear fashion using a 6th, 5th and 4th string root note.

I’ve included chord diagrams for all of the examples we’ll cover in the chord vocabulary section so you’ll have a concise reference guide whenever you need it.

Try playing your triad shapes over the backing track which consists of bass,drums and the diatonic 7th chords in the key of G. Seventh chords are triads with the 7th added so you can still practice triads over the 7th chord track.