Watch the Sonic Qualities online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Guitar Interactives


The sonic qualities that we choose for our music can be just as important as the techniques and stylistic approach we use on a certain song or groove. Choosing the right instrument and effects for a guitar part can be key to the mix and arrangement of a song and therefore it’s success and popularity.

I’d like you to really take a moment to think about your choices when you work on a new piece of music with your band, recording or jam with a friend. Be sensitive to the arrangement and how your sound works with that arrangement and the other instruments and musicians.

The key element here is taking the time to listen before we play. Assimilate the information and make your choices based on taste and musical maturity.

In my experience asking the other musicians if they like what you are playing and the sound you are using for each song can help you develop the right sonic qualities for your entire set. I’m a big advocate of experimentation too, push the boundaries a little and then dial it back if you need too...have fun but always be sensitive to the music and what it requires of you!