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Watch the Slash Chords online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Guitar Interactives


Slash chords are triad or 7th chords with an alternate bass note as the lowest tone. Triad inversions are the simplest of slash chords. An example of this would be a first inversion G major chord. This inversion would be written like this G/B. A 2nd inversion G major chord would be written like this...G/D. A 3rd inversion of a G major 7th chord would be written like this...G/F#.

Other bass notes can be used under triads and 7th chords too. Try using every note of the G major scale under a G major triad...let’s hear how that sounds.

Chromatic tones can also be used but typically will be dissonant in nature.

Try playing a G triad over each note in the G major scale. Track provided.

Try playing every triad from the G major scale over the G bass note track.

Drum Loop is provided for you to just try out your new chords.