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Watch the Melodic Hooks & Motifs online guitar lesson by Robbie Calvo from Guitar Interactives


Melodic hooks and motifs are memorable musical phrases that are repeated throughout a piece of music. These hooks are typically simple melodic ideas that are easy to sing and play on an instrument.

In this example I am using phrases derived from the C major scale and resolving them to the F from that scale. I start my motif idea by using a pedal tone idea from the note A. The A note is the major 3rd of F so this will be a very stable anchor for the tones I place on top. Try finding some other pedal tone ideas over this track using the C Major scale.

Repeating simple phrases that are very melodic is going to allow your audience to participate in the music by singing along. ‘Hooking’ the listener’s ear like this is going to help your music be very memorable and consequently popular to the masses. Wouldn’t it be cool to play your number one hit to 50,000 fans who can all sing your solo...note for note! Sign me up for that, I’m ready!